Outdoor Activities

Living at Alpine Park allows you to explore a great variety of natural treasures, including Mount Diablo State Park.

Apartments Near Mount Diablo State Park

One of the best parts about living in the San Francisco Bay Area is the copious amount of recreational outdoor activities, away from the bustle of any buzzy metropolitan regions. So for the outdoorsy types, Alpine Park is a prime location to call home. And when you move into our apartments near Mount Diablo State Park, you’ll find that you’re near one of the best parks in the area to explore the local wilderness at its best.

With roughly 20,000 acres to explore, it’s safe to say that you’ll be hard-pressed to run out of areas to visit anytime soon. Avid hikers will want to head to Mitchell Canyon. Found on the north side of the mountain, this is where you’ll find a number of trails, ranging from entry level to advanced.

Being home to many different types of habitats (e.g. grassland, pine forests, and chaparral), this region is unsurprisingly home to a wide array of wildlife. So while you’re out hiking, be on the lookout for coyotes, desert cottontail rabbits, a wide range of lizards, and even the (very elusive) mountain lion. Butterflies abound, and you’re more than likely to spot one of the four types of local swallowtails, among other species.

There are also plenty of camping sites, in case an overnight excursion is on the agenda. Tents, trailers, and motorhomes can be accommodated, with some limitations; make sure you follow all rules pertaining to fires, as the weather can affect strictness. If you have a furry four-legged friend, feel free to bring it along with you, but be sure to mind the restricted areas and have proper rabies documentation with you. (A tag will not suffice.)

While you’ll be immersed in natural splendor in all areas of the park, the absolute best views you can hope to find are from the observation deck at the summit of the mountain. The trek to the top isn’t for novice hikers, so make sure you’re well prepared for a steep and strenuous ascent. (One that you’ll be greatly rewarded for once you finish.) Of course, if such a hike is not your forte, you do have the option to drive. Please note that summer haziness can obstruct the expansive views, but turn to the west on a clear day and you can see beyond the Golden Gate Bridge. Mounted binoculars will help you see even farther.

As you can see, living in apartments near Mount Diablo State Park has plenty of draws, including the luxurious community amenities. Being able to explore this sprawling wonderland near Alpine Park at the drop of a dime is certainly one of the peak perks. Contact us today for availability!