Local Health Facility

The John Muir Walnut Creek Medical Center is conveniently close and a short, stress-free drive for both employees and patients.

Apartments Near the Walnut Creek Medical Center

Living close to a preeminent health facility has a number of benefits—both for medical professionals and members of the public. At the Alpine Park apartments near Walnut Creek Medical Center, residents are just minutes away from one of the region’s most respected hospitals, allowing employees convenient commutes and the local community the peace of mind of knowing they can effectively manage their health, as well as have a trusted partner in the event of an emergency.

The John Muir Health Walnut Creek Medical Center is the only designated trauma center in Contra Costa County. As such, it is equipped to handle any emergency situation, with skilled physicians and practitioners on hand to deliver practiced and compassionate care. That should provide a level of comfort for residents who live in apartments near Walnut Creek Medical Center and want to know that they and their loved ones will have a place to turn to in case a medical emergency arises. The hospital is also known for its wide range of preventative care and treatment options. It is well-respected for its cancer center, orthopedics, cardiovascular unit, and for its ability to embrace and adopt modern technology, such as through robotics surgery. Walnut Creek Medical Center has been recognized by national awards and is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

Patients living in apartments near Walnut Creek Medical Center are able to take advantage of all the opportunities the healthcare facility offers, while medical staff can enjoy the benefits of living right in the community they’re serving. A short drive to work is essential for medical staff, many of whom work late shifts and often have to be ready to be at the hospital in a moment’s notice. A reliable and easy commute makes the life of a busy medical professional a little bit easier.

Whether employee or local community member, residents in Alpine Park’s apartments near Walnut Creek Medical Center can enjoy convenient, comfortable living to help them make their own health and happiness a priority. Contact us today to schedule a tour!