Arts and Culture

Check out some of the flourishing arts and culture opportunities surrounding our Alpine Park apartment homes.

Arts and Culture in Walnut Creek

Ready to settle down in a new apartment in Walnut Creek but want to make sure the community’s creative energy is alive and kicking first? Believe it or not, the Walnut Creek arts and culture scene is thriving surrounding our Alpine Park apartments that feature spacious floor plans and a host of wonderful amenities. Check out three exciting places to get started exploring the arts and culture around our apartments.

Ruth Bancroft Garden & Nursery

There’s a lot packed into this modest-sized, 3.5-acre garden. Known by horticulture enthusiasts around the world because of its strong emphasis on education, this garden stands out among others because of its central theme: It is predominantly comprised of drought-tolerant plants that were collected from around the globe. The garden’s namesake founder spent a large majority of her life learning about these types of plants, capable of surviving extreme conditions and then teaching others. Her legacy continues to thrive today, much like the many resilient plants that populate her garden. Come here whether you just want to appreciate the beauty of the expansive garden or immerse yourself in Ruth’s world of sustainable gardening.


Shadelands Ranch Museum

Dating back to 1903, the redwood-framed main house now serves as home to a number of local artifacts. Many of these belonged to the Penniman family, pioneers who first settled the land, but it’s also home to a collection of Walnut Creek history, which includes newspapers, photographs, and even local government records. If you live in the area and are a history buff—or if you just love looking at cool, old relics—then this is a must-visit spot.


Lesher Center for the Arts

Put this place on the top of your list if you’re a fan of live performances. Whether you have a love of theater or dance or live music (or all of the above), it’s all on the calendar of events at Lesher…and more. If you’re a big theater buff and really want to know about what goes on backstage, they even offer affordable tours on which you’ll get to glimpse the green room, dressing rooms, and more.

Once you settle into your new home, it won’t take you long to embrace the Walnut Creek arts and culture scene. You’ll love all that Walnut Creek has to offer, including a wide variety of dining options. To schedule a tour and find your new home at Alpine Park, contact us today!